Monday, May 23, 2011

Mothers Day 2010

If April 30, 2010 was the worst day of my life, Mothers Day 2010 was the second-worst.

First, let me start by explaining. David stayed behind in Laramie for a week, while I transported the children and our suitcases to Minnesota. David came a week later with the Fearsome Five with all of our belongings.

My mother-in-law and I drove from Wyoming to Minnesota, over a period of 6 days (I think). We spent 4-5 days in Gillette, and I soaked up time with my parents while Lois visited with a good friend from back in her Gillette days. Then we drove across South Dakota (let me remind you: BORING!!) and stayed one night in Sioux Falls.

The drive the next day from Sioux Falls to "Grandpa's house" was actually pretty exciting. It meant the end of doling out fruit snacks, finding dropped sippy cups, the end of McDonalds (HOORAY), listening to DVDs (but not actually seeing them), and stopping to feed sleeping Libby whether she wanted to eat or not (I needed her to!)

Plus, the land was turning from brown to green that leg of the trip and the LILACS were everywhere. It was beautiful. The drive into the Twin Cities was exciting because it was new, vibrant, and like we were on summer vacation. We got to Grandpa Gary's, where he was waiting for us (and I am sure, his wife) and we spent a couple of nights there until the kids and I transferred to my sister-in-law's house for the duration until we found a home to buy.

Meanwhile, David, working hard in a borrowed home office in Laramie, worked--and then his super special buddies (Sean, Sam, Tom, Ben) took time off work and as soon as work was done, drove all night and all day to bring our belongings in a borrowed horse trailer (Thanks again Kyle and Stacy!!). Might I add they drove in pouring rain across I-80 to avoid the snowstorms on I-90. Might I mention they lost an entire wheel (not just the tire) somewhere along the road and didn't even notice until much further along. Might I add that they are 5 guys, in a 5-seater truck (Thanks Ben!) with wayyy to many bodily functions and snacks to fuel the process. Those guys really love us to do that--and I am actually a little amazed they still love each other after that truck ride :)

They arrived with our belongings--some of them soaked from the downpour for the last 12 hours (the belongings, not the guys--that didn't happen until we unloaded into a storage unit) and exhausted. They worked hard, took showers at Kurt and Andrea's house, and crashed. On bunk beds, couches, floors, and one real bed (lucky them!).

After some naps, we went to John Piper's church for a Saturday evening worship service. To hear Tom and the others singing praise was one sweet last treat that I got to experience--it was a gift from Laramie that came to visit before it had to leave. (I'm crying pretty hard right now for anyone interested). Unless you've stood near Tom in a worship service, it won't mean as much to you--but it meant a TON to me. I very vividly hear his voice in that service, still. (Piper wasn't preaching, by the way) :)

Then, David and I took them to an awesome restaurant where portions are big and homestyle service is even bigger--seriously Debbie, every time we drive past there, David says "it's the Watson restaurant!" because it reminds him of your mom's cooking and love. We stayed way later than the kids needed to be up but we wanted to squeeze every second out of the short time we had with those great guys.

They crashed again at Kurt and Andreas and got up very very early on Mother's Day Sunday to go back home with an empty trailer and one empty seat in the truck. I don't know when I cried harder, to be honest--when I had to leave Debbie and her children, or when each of those precious men hugged David and I like they wouldn't ever let go. (I'm sobbing now, FYI). Andrea packed them hot coffee (except for the one who wanted OJ instead), hot breakfast sandwiches, and oranges. And gentlemen--may I remind you that the wife unpacking the cooler after the trip reported to me that there were still 4 oranges unconsumed when you arrived back at home, but a majority of the candy and snacks where gone??? :)

They drove away as the sun was rising, taking a big part of our hearts with them. At least MY member of the Fearsome Five stayed with me.

Mother's Day was kind of a bust after that. We went to church (not even sure which one we attended that day) and tried to go to a restaurant for lunch--without reservations--which is apparently impossible to do here on Mother's Day! We did find a place, but our hearts just weren't in the "celebrating mood". I am sure we took some joy out of the Cegielksi's Mother's Day (we had a big breakfast with them) due to our sadness.

So there you have it-why April 30, 2010 and Mother's Day 2010 were such awful days. But I've come to realize--they wouldn't have been so awful if all the other days and the friendships and experiences and people that made up the days BEFORE that weren't so blessed and sweet. God is good to allow us such joy and friendship, even if the sorrow is so very painful when it has to separate.

Aren't you all glad I decided to blog again!? :) These are the only two sad ones I have, I think--so you should be safe for the next few blog posts. I'll try to be funny again, once I wipe away the tears coming from memories of Laramie. We miss you all so very much...

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