Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy week!

For some reason (unknown to me), Ryan doesn't have preschool this entire week. A few weeks back, I realized this was my last year for "adventures" with the kids, whenever I planned it, with no regards to scheduling; a true stay-at-home-mom who can avoid the weekend crowds and "no school day" kids at the popular attractions for my kids. And when I say I "realized" this, I actually "panicked" over the fact that next year, any adventures will have to be over by 3:00, won't include Ryan, or will have to be on non-school days when everyone in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area is also at whatever attraction we choose. (And I'm not a crowd person)

So, when I discovered Ryan didn't have school this week, I jumped at the chance to fill the week with adventures!!

Monday, we made valentines, and surprised Daddy at work with some small gifts and took him to lunch. We also went shopping for Libby's 1st birthday cake pan--left with no success but found cute butterfly sprinkles to use on the cupcakes at her party, and found a great little cookie decorating kit, clearance priced, that we will do when we have downtime this week.

Tuesday's plans were a bit stunted due to the fact that I left my purse in David's car, and needed it for our adventure! He met us at 11:00, and we then went to the carwash (pretty exciting for kids, actually!) We then went to the library, where Ryan got his very first library card. He checked out some books for his sister and himself, and also checked out some Minnesota Zoo passes to use later in the week. That afternoon after nap, we went to a DIFFERENT library, checked out more books and two DVDs, and zoo passes on my library card, so we could go with friends and nobody have to pay the (high!) entrance fees.

I also got to get out for a few hours and chat over pie with a friend. I also went grocery shopping afterwards, with NO KIDS. How different!! Though I don't think I'll choose to go back to Super Walmart at 10:00 p.m. anymore--I couldn't believe how many people were bringing (tired-looking!) children into the store and just wandering around the store. Didn't seem to be any purpose of having the children out--like getting medicine--they were just wandering around the store, pushing 1 and 2 and 4 year olds around who definitely could be using some good sleep. I digress.

Wednesday was zoo day!! After last-minute diaper changes and making sure we had enough snacks for the day, we met our friends Katie, Adam, and Isaiah at the Minnesota Zoo. It started off chilly (35!) but we went to the indoor exhibits first. It happened to be High School Spanish day and seemed every high school in the metro area was at the zoo. We couldn't even view the Tropics Trail because of the crowds!! After watching shark feedings and seeing some dolphins and hunting birds, we went to the outdoor exhibits. It had warmed up pleasantly and there were NO crowds. The only downside was that Brooklyn was SO PAST READY for a nap, so we left around 1:30 and the girls slept in the car.

Today, I am blessed to be able to watch a little peanut baby while his mama and daddy have work commitments. Ryan and Brooklyn are excited to go with their grandma to an indoor playground--the Giggle Factory. Tonight is our Bible study's "girls night" and we are going to visit a Bingo Hall! Nothing but excitement here :) I am actually pretty excited and plan to win the BIG POT. I'll buy everyone ice cream if I do :) Maybe even save up for a trip to the Caribbean next year, if I win :)

Tomorrow we will use our membership and go to the Children's museum. The kids love that place and even if nobody ends up coming with us, it's a place I can manage three children OKAY without another adult to help me supervise the runners :)
**on that note, Libby has started scooting! Check out the previous post for a video of Libby! **

Saturday we are going to Babies-R-Us to buy Libby's "next step" car seat--I can't believe she will be ONE YEAR OLD in just a few weeks. Breaks my heart a little, not gonna lie. I love the baby stage, but David much prefers the "I-can-communicate-with-you" stage. :)

After Babies-R-Us, we'll be going to our friend Isaiah's 2nd birthday party, and shortly after that we are bringing the kiddos to their Aunt and Uncle's for a sleepover while David and I meet up with some friends for a couple's date night. (Libby will come home with us when the date is done, as she's not quite ready for sleepovers yet...) :)

David leaves for Chicago Sunday evening and returns late Friday. I haven't been a "single mom" in about a year, so this is going to be interesting! My goal is to not be a "yelling mom" but one who is quick to listen and slow to speak, slow to become upset; to not eat out ONCE while David is gone (we'll see), and to have the house clean, organized, and welcoming for his return!! We'll see how I do :)

I will upload pictures to Facebook here soon, so if you don't use facebook but would like to see them anyway (or aren't family that we send the pictures to on Shutterfly) please let me know and I'll post the best here on the blog. Until then...!


Joe, Angel and Silas said...

Did you know you can rent birthday cake pans? all sorts of shapes and sizes. I forget the name of the place that rents them, but I can find out for you if you're interested for libby's bday!

Krismisstree said...

I went back to Michael's and got a Butterfly pan--but thanks! I am growing my own collection. My parents used to decorate cakes for hobby/sell them and I enjoy making them for friends and family myself! I think my collection is up to 10. (if you ever want to borrow one just say the word!